Don’t say NO always

You have to understand that being told that you are not allowed to do something, regardless of the age you are at, stirs a feeling of rebellion inside. Most adults are able to suppress it, but most kids don’t even try to. I am not going to tell you to let your kids do whatever they want to or give them everything on a platter, because that will distort their understanding of boundaries, but keep in mind that they are full of energy and most importantly full of curiosity, so telling them “NO” every time will only make them want to do things even more.

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Divorce does affect Kids

Can you remember all the things that you used to do when you were a kid and can you remember how you used to feel about everything that affected you? Well to tell you the truth I can’t remember much of the things that happened while I was a child. I have a few selected memories that marked me and one of them involved my best friend, who was 10 at the time and her dad had just left. Thinking about it now, the way she thought about her parent’s separation didn’t make any sense, but since she was a kid it was understandable that she would blame herself for the things that happened.

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Kids and Pets

Even though you might not be exactly thrilled to get your son or daughter a puppy or a cute kitten, experts claim you should. Pet therapy seems to be actually working, so if your precious child is more of the spoiled or the anxious kind of toddler, you could always get a dog and train him to correct your child’s behavior. You are going to have to put a lot of trust into your furry friend, but as long as your child is going to care for him, you shall get to see him become calmer and a lot more responsible.

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Kids and Holidays after Divorce

Regardless of how much you support and help your children through your divorce, the first Holiday season since the split will be painful and terrifying for your little ones. This is why you should understand that replacing the old happy memories of the holiday seasons with some new, even happier ones is mandatory.

One of the first things you should do, if you want your children to be happy and to grow up with a stable emotional health, is to involve them in decision making. Children may often feel neglected if they are not involved in decisions regarding the family and the way they will spend their holidays.

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Bank Holiday Activities and Treats in 2012

Like last year, 2012 has some extra surprises in store for those of us parents who reside in the United Kingdom. I refer to, of course, our extra Bank Holidays. Yes, not only will we have to rack our brains to fill up half terms, Easter, Christmas and Summer holidays, let alone teacher training days, with entertaining and educational activities, but we’ve got an extra Bank Holiday to fill. Now, I know it’s important to celebrate the Jubilee (and have training for teachers!) but I’m worried about running out of ideas already and we’ve only just had the Easter holidays…

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London for Kids

This could easily be renamed “Big Cities for Kids” as the advice contained within will work for all city trips! However, I’ve also included a few London-specific ideas that will need adapting if you and your family are off to other cities like Manchester, New York or Berlin.

Let’s face it, there will come a time in your family life when your kids will be accompanying you to a big city. And if you live in the UK, then London is likely to be the most daunting of the big cities you’ll be visiting.

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Osborne Festival of Lights

If you want to treat your kids to the trip of a lifetime, then there is nothing better than Disney World. It is not only the best divorce solicitor that can afford to take their kids to Disney…

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is a very special Christmas event that takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studio every year.

Founded by an eclectic, Jennings Osborne a millionaire from Little Rock Arkansas, The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is a breathtaking event like nothing you have ever seen before. You can feel the enthusiasm and love that Jennings Osborne has for holidays and Christmas and you are given the chance to share that during this amazing event.

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My cute sons

I have a four year old son and a two months old one. Both of them are the cutest kids ever. But sometimes this cuteness changes and this normally happens when I most tired. I know it might sound like I am annoyed with my kids when I am tired, but that’s not the case. I love them a lot. I actually think that may be there is some unseen connection between me and my kids which causes them to be irritating when I am tired.

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Sharing nature with kids

There are many different things that are important to the future of our world, and teaching children to love nature and care for the planet should be high on the list of priorities. People need to learn what is important in this life, and spending out on an expensive international divorce solicitor is something that is unnecessary. Instead this money could be spent on the child involved in the breakup, and you could teach them about the good things in life, in the hope that they will be a good person later on.

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Family Ski Therapy

You’re tired, you’re stressed, the kids are driving you mad and you partner is irritating you so much you almost find yourself about to log on to google and type in divorce solicitors London. What you and your family need is a holiday, one that tire out the kids and help you bring your fun side back out, a trip to the slopes for a skiing holiday is just the thingfor you and your family.

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